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Two Boxes in One - the New Way to Package Two Products Together - a Classic Example of Disruptive Innovation in Visual Packaging Design

Two Product Plastic Folding Carton[Click to Enlarge]
Two Product Plastic Folding Carton
  Release date: April 27, 2010

BURLINGTON, Ontario -- Transparent Packaging Inc., a pioneer in clear folding carton converting technologies, has introduced its latest innovation. The One-Box-Multi-Shape&Size series. The "L" shaped, multi faceted, multi height and size, printed plastic folding carton that begs an onlooker to pick it up.

From the makers of the Scented Clear Folding Cartons that captured attention world-wide comes another "wow" factor in visual packaging. This time it's about a new way to package two products together.

This design innovation is partly attributed to Wal-Mart's 7 R's of Packaging scorecard. Brand owners who are thinking of newer ways to capture the attention of their consumers and or combine products with bonus packs for a promotional package will find this product to be an idle choice.

Dan Belliveau, from Transparent Packaging Inc.'s Montreal facility worked diligently with his design team to produce this unique two in one pack promo carton. "The challenge: two products, two sizes and shapes needed to be in one box," said Dan. "The client insisted and we did it," he continued.

Lise Watier, a Montreal based cosmetics firm, was delighted with this design. "We were looking for something that would hold two products, close well and would be easy to pack. The Transparent team made it happen," said Mary Tuccinardi.

According to the President of Transparent Packaging Inc. David Dennison, the company has developed several other innovative designs for the Point of Purchase displays or dispenser as well as the clear folding carton segments. "These out-of-the-box designs help many of our clients capture market attention," he added. A video sampling some of these designs could be found at or just by searching for "Transparent Packaging" on Youtube / Flickr.

All of these designs can be manufactured using our trade marked "I was a Bottle(TM)" post consumer recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) that comes from recycled beverage bottles, regular PET plastic or even the corn based bio compostable PLA (plastics polylactic acid).